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Ask Ashley

Ashley loves to interact with her fans! Below is  a list of questions Ashley often receives from her fans. If you have a question you would like for her to answer, please fill out the form below and she will get back to you on this page or on social media.

Q:  When did you learn how to wake surf?
A:  I learned in 2009.


Q:  What year did you start competing?
A:  My first contest was the World Wake Surfing Championship in 2010.


Q:  What year did you turn pro?
A:  In 2010 after my first contest.


Q:  What is the first trick you learned?
A:  A 360


Q:  Do you ride Surf Style or Skim Style?
A:  Surf style


Q:  What do you like about surf style?
A:  I like that I can wake surf very aggressively and I like doing a lot of air tricks and snaps.


Q:  How do you train in the off season?
A:  I do a lot of yoga and weight lifting in the off season.



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